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Bursary Descriptions

To support life long learning and participation in the annual CSTM Scientific Conference, the CSTM members offers three bursary categories.

Applications for these bursaries must be received for review by the CSTM Award Committee by February 15th of the application year. The Committee Chair will notify the successful candidates by email by March 1.

Macopharma Bursary

Recognizing that nurses provide a vital link in education, training and patient care related to transfusion medicine, the Macopharma Bursary provides CSTM nursing members with financial assistance to pursue ongoing education in transfusion medicine. The amount of $1500 is awarded annually to each of two recipients and is to be applied towards registration or associated expenses related to attending the CSTM Scientific Conference.

Applicants must be a CSTM member in good standing. Applications will be accepted from nurses in all regions of Canada.

Application Form

The 2019 bursaries were presented to Crystal Brunk and Clare O'Reilly.