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Choosing Wisely

We are excited to announce that the CSTM  Choosing Wisely Canada list has been expanded from Five Things to Ten Things!! 

CSTM List of TEN Things Physicians and Patients Should Question

Choosing Wisely Canada is a campaign to help physicians and patients engage in healthy conversations about potentially unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures, and to help physicians and patients make smart and effective choices to ensure high-quality care. It got underway initially in Ontario and has been endorsed by all provincial and territorial medical associations who have established mechanisms to support the adoption of the Choosing Wisely Canada lists. It is now a truly national campaign.
To date, nearly 100 national and provincial medical specialty societies, regional health collaboratives and patient and community partners have joined the conversations about appropriate care. With the release  of these new lists, the campaign will have covered more than 150 tests and procedures that the specialty society partners say are overused and inappropriate, and that physicians and patients should discuss. 
The Canadian Society for Transfusion Medicine is proud to be part of the Choosing Wisely Canada campaign. It is exciting to see how the physician community has embraced this campaign and honoured our responsibility to maximize the safe and appropriate management of blood and related products and deliver the best possible, evidence-based care to patients.
CSTM members  contributed ideas for the CSTM list. Thank you to all who contributed! The lists consist of 5 items all starting with the words “Don’t” or “Avoid” – followed by a description of what you should avoid doing and why.

Why Give Two When One Will Do?

Toolkit for Reducing Unnecessary Red Blood Cell Transfusions in Hospitals
This toolkit was created to support the implementation of interventions designed to reduce unnecessary red blood cell (RBC) transfusions in your institution or hospital. It can be used by Transfusion Medicine departments, physician groups, clinical services or organizations to help achieve significant reductions in inappropriate RBC transfusions. 
For more information on Choosing Wisely Canada, please visit www.choosingwiselycanada.org, follow on Twitter @ChooseWiselyCA or contact info@choosingwiselycanada.org 
To view lists created by Canadian and American Specialty Societies, visit the following websites:
www.choosingwiselycanada.org  or   www.choosingwisely.org
Choosing Wisely Canada has released a mobile app, available on Android and Apple platforms. The strength of this bilingual app is its searchability. All recommendations and patient pamphlets have been categorized by keywords for ease of use and efficiency. For information on downloading the app, click here.
Download the poster / screen saver 
Download the toolkit