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Scientific Program (2020-02-03)
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CSTM 2020 Workshop: 
“Nightmares in Patient Blood Management (PBM)”

Thursday May 28th 2019 1:30pm-3:00pm
The 2020 CSTM meeting will feature a workshop session entitled, “Nightmares in Patient Blood Management (PBM)”. This session will be a unique and interactive experience for participants—it will feature selected meeting attendees sharing their most difficult and challenging issues related to blood and patient care, followed by audience participation/response.
Call for Submissions:
CSTM meeting attendees are invited and encouraged to submit their ‘Nightmare’ experiences in PBM for consideration to be included in the session. 
A panel of members from the CSTM Scientific Committee will review submissions and select approximately 4-6 cases* for presentation.

*Total number will depend on the number of submissions received, time available within session, etc.
Examples of ‘Nightmare’ issues or scenarios might include, but are certainly not limited to:
  • Mysterious transfusion reactions
  • A particularly complex antibody case
  • An ethical dilemma involving a patient’s “no blood” choice
  • A complex and chaotic Massive Transfusion or Massive Hemorrhage case
  • Other complex and challenging situation
Plan for each speaker/case: 
Introduction/Set-up (5 minutes): 
  • Speaker will be given a maximum of 5 minutes to introduce and outline their case, describing the scenario, complicating issues/factors, who was involved, etc.
  • Use of MS PowerPoint® slides is recommended/encouraged to help illustrate the issue
Audience Response (5-10 minutes):
  • Audience will be invited to pose questions, provide feedback, offer their opinion, etc.
Conclusion/Summary (5 minutes): 
  • Speaker will provide the conclusion/summary, revealing how the situation was managed and/or eventually concluded, what they learned, what they might do differently, what they might recommend to the audience if they faced a similar situation, etc.
Details/Submission Process
  • Submissions accepted: NOW, until Friday, April 17th 2020 at midnight
  • Speaker notifications: To be sent by Friday, April 24th 2020
  • Compensation/honoraria:
    • Due to the workshop/abstract-sharing format, we offer modest financial support to one (1) speaker per case in the form of reimbursement for one (1) night stay at the conference hotel or equivalent accommodation up to the value of the conference rate.
    • If speakers of selected cases do not plan to attend CSTM 2020 or if they cannot attend the conference on workshop day:
    • Speaker can select an alternate who is familiar with the case; or,
    • The opportunity will be given to another speaker/case
SUBMISSION FOR CONSIDERATION: “Nightmares in Patient Blood Management”
Use brief, one-page summary format 
  • MS Word, Adobe, etc., is preferred
  • Please do not submit via body of email
Information to include:
  • Name or title of nightmare case
  • Name of submitter(s) and contact info
  • Outline of problem
  • Complicating factors/issues that contributed to ‘nightmare’
  • Conclusion/summary
Send completed submissions and/or questions to:
Jessyka Deschênes RN
Subject: CSTM “Nightmares in Patient Blood Management”