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Membership Categories and Fees

Categories of Membership

  • Individual members have all the privileges as listed as Benefits of Membership.
  • Institutional affiliations are available to transfusion centers. These affiliations allow one staff member a reduced registration fee to the Annual Conference. They do not allow all staff access to the Annual General Meeting or allow all staff access to the ‘members section only’ of the CSTM website. Only one access code will be issued for each institutional affiliation purchased. Institutional affiliation entitles the primary institution to print up to three copies of the CSTM Standards for Hospital Services.
  • Student affiliations are available at a reduced rate upon proof of registration in a recognized educational institution. These affiliations allow all of the same privileges as individual membership with the exception of voting on CSTM business.
  • Honorary affiliations are awarded at the discretion of the CSTM Board to members who have made significant long-term contributions to the CSTM. These affiliations are for a lifetime term and allow the honorary affiliate all of the privileges of individucal membership with the exception of voting on CSTM business.

Membership Fees

  • Individual Membership: $90 / year
  • Institutional Affiliation: $300 / year
  • Student Affilliation: $45 / year