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Canadian Obstetrical and Pediatric Transfusion Network

The Canadian Obstetrical Pediatric Transfusion Network (COPTN) is a sub-committee of the CSTM. It was founded in 2017 and its mandate is to assess, analyze and strive to implement best practices in pediatric and obstetrical transfusion practice in Canada.

​Committee representative includes pediatric hematologists, hematopathologists, transfusion medicine specialists, nurses and transfusion safety officers from across Canada. 

Activities include group projects and presentation of complex pediatric and obstetric transfusion cases.

Terms of Reference

Committee Membership

Projects to Date

1.  Survey: Canadian Practice - Perinatal Testing and RhIG Administration
(PIs: Drs. Lieberman and Clarke)

One of the first projects the committee undertook was to send out a Canada-wide survey pertaining to perinatal testing and RhIG administration practice in the perinatal population.The results of the survey represent a comprehensive picture of laboratory testing practices related to prenatal blood samples, RhIG eligibility testing and postnatal maternal and neonatal evaluations.

2.  Survey of Canadian practice related to preparation and issue of cryoprecipitate to neonatal and pediatric patients (PI: Dr. Morrison)

3.  Retrospective assessment of the direct antiglobulin test on neonatal cords (PI: Dr. Bodnar)

4.  National survey of blood practices related to intrauterine transfusions (PI: Dr. Bodnar)