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The path for development of the Standards began with  a small group of concerned blood bankers whose intent was to “ensure the highest possible standards of blood transfusion practice in Canada”. Volunteering their time, they met in 1978 to design and establish the infrastructure and on April 6th, 1979, the Charter of the Canadian Association of Immunohematologists (CAIH) was signed in Toronto.
The first edition of the Transfusion Medicine Standards for Canada was published in 1984. The latest version of these Standards, entitled CSTM Standards for Hospital Transfusion Services, Version 4 April 2017 is considered “best practice” for transfusion medicine in Canada.This bilingual document is compliant with the CAN/CSA-Z902-15, National Standard of Canada, Blood and blood components, and is meant to serve as a resource tool for the development of clinical and laboratory policies, processes and procedures.  Amendments will be posted as they are developed.

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