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Mystery event – Omega Protocol

In keeping with the pandemic existence that we have been experiencing during the past year, the CSTM social committee invites you to join us for a “problem solving” adventure. The Omega Protocol is a 3D virtual escape room best suited to escape room enthusiasts and puzzle solvers.
In this fully rendered environment, a group of rogue scientists with radical views on overpopulation and humanity’s impact on the environment have decided to take things into their own hands and fix the problem. They have designed a virus that will, over time, reduce the Earth’s population to only 5 billion by natural means. It is up to you to thwart their plans in the race to find a vaccine and cure the planet before time runs out.
This event will take 90 minutes and participants will work in teams of 3-5 people. There will be a host to explain the process and facilitators to ensure smooth execution and to provide support to the participants during the event.

Three (3) lucky registrants for the Omega Protocol will win their ticket by random draw. Winners will be announced in the May issue of the CSTM Communique.

Mystery Event Registration
With our apologies to our francophone colleagues, this event is available in English only.