Blum Award

Bev Padget 

The 2022 recipient of the CSTM Blum award is Bev Padget.

Bev is well known throughout the transfusion community and her early career centered on her work as a medical laboratory technologist and manager in both blood supplier and hospital environments for close to 40 years. For many years, she was the Transfusion Medicine Program Coordinator for the Alberta Laboratory Quality Enhancement Program, which provided proficiency testing for all transfusion services in Western Canada. 

Many would not know that Bev and Maureen Patterson initiated the Buchanan Award in memory of Dr. Buchanan with whom they worked and who they much admired. 

Before her first retirement, Bev was the Quality Coordinator for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta Accreditation Program for a number of years.  During this time, she was the co-coordinator of the CPSA Accreditation Standards Revision Projects, which culminated in the release of ISO compliant, quality-based standards for diagnostic services in the province.

Bev served as a volunteer assessor for the AABB and the College of American Pathologists and enjoyed performing assessments at more than 40 facilities across the US, as well as in Italy.
In 2010, Bev took over the duties of CSTM webmaster under the tutelage of Pat Letendre and performed that role efficiently and tirelessly until April of this year. She has helped to guide the CSTM through two complete website revisions and enjoyed working with the CSTM Board of Directors, as well as the society members and committees.  Amazingly, Bev never failed to keep the website up to date even when she was on vacation overseas with intermittent access to the internet.   Bev is also skilled with her camera and as CSTM’s volunteer photographer, has been capturing the highlights at CSTM events for many years.

Bev’s colleagues on the Board of Directors unanimously and enthusiastically supported awarding her this award in honour of Edna Blum, another lifelong vigorous advocate of CSTM.
Bev was highly appreciated and respected for her work as CSTM webmaster but was also valued as an advisor due to her wisdom and her practical knowledge of transfusion medicine from so many years working in transfusion medicine in both the hospital and the blood supplier settings.  As an assessor who had visited so many different laboratories, Bev developed a refreshing and open-minded perspective on the different ways laboratories find to meet the standards and achieve best practices. 

Perhaps due to her travels abroad to figure skating tournaments with her daughters, Bev became a world traveler.  She has a travel blog, named “A Long and Winding Journey” and posted regularly before the pandemic hit.  Not only is Bev a great source of information in transfusion medicine but she can tell some amazing stories from her travels around the globe and is always willing to provide super tips for those planning their next trip.  Of all her many interests though, Bev’s prime focus is her family, her husband, 2 daughters, son-in-law and grandchildren. 

On behalf of the CSTM Board and members, thank you Bev for your dedication and numerous contributions to the Canadian transfusion community and congratulations on your second retirement and for receiving this much deserved award.