Buchanan Award

Elizabeth Krok 

I received my Master of Science and Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Wroclaw in Poland.  While in Poland, I gained experience in transfusion medicine working as a manager in a consulting blood transfusion laboratory, which served over 100 hospitals.  At that time, I was authorized to perform training and examinations for nurses, medical technologists and physicians in the field of Immunohematology.

When I came to Canada, I graduated from the Immunohematology program at the Michener Institute, where I was also later certified to teach students.  I then completed a comprehensive evaluation of my university degree at the University of Toronto and at the International Credential Evaluation Service of the British Columbia Institute of Technology; both facilities accepted my credentials, which then enabled me to obtain my advanced certification, an ART in Transfusion Medicine, from CSMLS.  In 2017, I was certified as an assessor for Institute for Quality Management at Ontario’s IQMH.

I have worked in Transfusion Medicine at St. Michael’s Hospital for over 28 years, the last 12 of which as the Operations Leader.  As well as the day-to-day operations of the division, I teach students and residents. I have been involved in various work groups for the improvement of process in Transfusion Medicine including the Provincial ISBT working group, the Ontario Platelet Task Force and the National Hospital Costumer Service Advisory Panel/Committee. I have received recognition from CBS for my dedication to the blood system and for bringing a voice of hospital customers to Canadian Blood Services.

I have co-authored and published various posters and articles on theoretical and practical topics in Transfusion Medicine, actively participated in various international and national clinical studies and provided numerous educational presentations.

Tidbits from Elizabeth’s colleagues:
  • “She is always impeccably dressed (high heels and all), confident, passionate, supremely organized and incredibly knowledgeable. She approaches the problems as an engineer – systematically going through every possibility, before recommending the best possible solution. What you may not know is that she is a loving wife,  mother and grandmother; a great dancer; and is into camping, hiking, playing tennis, skiing, etc etc –– and with all of that, she has managed to break her hand on the way to work, commuting, not flying down mountains at a breakneck speed…”
  • “When she was a Tech, she would have her workspace just full with stuff, papers and such, now that most things are in computer, her computer has so many tabs open.  I find it hilarious.”
  • “Being in her position, Elizabeth is usually quite busy and doing speed walking in her heels.  But regardless how urgent her activities are, if we ever stop her and ask her a question, she’d always answer very calmly and thoroughly, as if she had all the time in the world! This is what true respect and acknowledgement feel like from a colleague and a boss.”
  • “As a colleague, working alongside her on the bench, Elizabeth was always friendly and extremely knowledgeable.   We learned this about her in a very unassuming way, as she casually identified anti-U while working alone on a weekend shift, as well as prepared some of the first validation reports for our lab and introduced us to automation, all while working on her ART.  As a boss, Elizabeth has been accommodating, respectful, and has gently guided us in terms of being part of a quality lab, as well as always promoting continuing education. When answering a question, she will think through all the potential outcomes to give the correct response.  As a friend, she will always lend an ear, without expecting anything in return.  She is a pleasant lady with a good sense of humour, and, when she can, enjoys a dance and a glass of wine. It is a pleasure to know her and to work with her for almost 30 years!”