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  • SCMT 2024 - Résumés (en angais seulement)
  • SCMT 2023 - Résumés (en angais seulement)
    • Quatre meilleurs résumés SCMT 2023
      • Addressing disparities in blood, stem cell, and organ & tissue donor pools: A mixed- methods evaluation of a workshop to guide medical students’ development as health advocates through advancing equity across donation products for racialized peoples
        Abstract Author Names : Sylvia Okonofua , Murdoch Leeies , Matthew Yan , Biba Tinga , Jennie Haw , Warren Fingrut
      • RBC alloimmunization risk following transfusion in immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy patients. Abstract Author Names : Lianne Rotin , Wenzie Ng , Bailie Jones, Brian Marsell, Marcus Butler, Christine Cserti-Gazdewich 
      • Under-reporting of transfusion associated circulatory overload (TACO) in cardiology units at a large center
        Abstract Author Names : Natasha Le Blanc, Anne-Sophie Lemay, Benjamin Rioux-Masse, Bertrand Routy, Veronique Cyr, Claudia Bouchard
      • A Negligible Impact of Real-World Transient Warming Exposures on the Quality of Cryopreserved Red Cell Concentrates
        Abstract Author Names : Jayme Kurach, Carly Olafson, Mackenzie Brandon-Coatham, Tracey Turner, Gwen Clarke, Jason Acker
  • SCMT 2022 - Résumés 
    • Quatre meilleurs résumés SCMT 2022 - publiés dans Transfusion Medicine Reviews l’édition de janvier 2023
      • Response of lymphopenic plateletpheresis donors to Covid-19 vaccination. Soumis par Renée Bazin
      • Fibrinogen Concentrate vs. Cryoprecipitate for Treating Acquired Hypofibrinogenemia in Bleeding Adult Cardiac Surgical Patients: A within-trial economic evaluation of the FIBRES randomized controlled trial. Soumis par Lusine Abrahamyan
      • SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence in the vaccine era: The Canadian Blood Services Serosurvey January to November 2021. Soumis par Sheila O’Brien
      • Assessment of hemoglobin-oxygen affinity of RBCs of different senescence levels during hypothermic storage in old senior and teenage donors. Soumis par Mahsa Yazdanbakhs
  • SCMT 2021 - Résumés <<en anglais>>
    • Quatre meilleurs résumés SCMT 2021 - publiés dans Transfusion Medicine Reviews l’édition de janvier 2022
      • Loss of repeat convalescent plasma donors due to waning anti-SARS-CoV2-2 plaque reduction neutralization test titers (April-December 2020); Authors: Steven Drews, Dana Devine, Janet McManus, Emelissa Mendoze, Kathy Manguiat, Roxie Girardin, Alan Dupuis, Kathleen McDonough, James Lin, David Evans, Chantale Pambrun, Michael Drebot, Heidi Wood. 
      • Tracking SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence among Canadian blood donors; Authors: Sahar Saeed, Steven Drews, Chantale Pambrun, Qi-Long Yi, Lori Osmond, Sheila O'Brien.
      • Optimizing donor screening and eligibility for gbMSM and trans donors:  Assessing current donors’ perceptions of alternative screening questions. Authors: Jennie Haw, Hyunjin Woo, Taylor Kohut, William Fisher.
      • Ontario’s Massive Hemorrhage Toolkit; Authors: Stephanie Cope, Jeannie Callum, Katerina Pavenski, Troy Thompson, Allison Collins, Andrew Petrosoniak, Mark McVey, Suzanne Beno, Kimmo Murto, Andrew McDonald, Menaka Pai, Jacob Pendergrast, Lani Lieberman, Avery Nathens.
  • SCMT 2020 - Résumés <<en anglais>> 
    • Quatre meilleurs résumés SCMT 2020 - publiés dans Transfusion Medicine Reviews l’édition de janvier 2021
      • Cold-stored leukoreduced whole blood; no impact of extended time between donation and filtration on in vitro quality: Authors: Peter Schubert, Zhonming Chen, Richard Wambolt, Varsha Bhakta, Brankica Culibrk, William Sheffield, Dana Devine, Ken McTaggart
      • Intravenous Immune globulin IgPro10 and the Risk of Haemolytic Anemia: A US Cohort Study: Authors: Megan Uttley, Amgad Shebl, Christopher Wallenhorst, Toby Simon, Alphonse Hubsch, Ami Patel, Carlos Martinez
      • Directed Donation Utilization and Donor Health Trends at Canadian Blood Services AuthorsTerrie Butler-Foster, Chantale Pambrun, Francine Flahr, Matthew Yan
      • Is 120ug Rh Immune Globulin sufficient for prophylactic treatment of postpartum Rh(D) negative women delivering an Rh(D) positive neonate? Authors: Nadira Junaid, Julie Fung, Nadine Shehata, Marietta Biscocho