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Awards Descriptions

The Society bestows four awards annually along with educational bursaries.

QuidelOrtho Award

The QuidelOrtho Award is given to an individual CSTM member who has provided a major service or innovation in transfusion medicine.  This award is not restricted to physicians, nurses, or technologists.  The financial award and award winner's expenses are provided by QuidelOrtho. 
Nominations for the QuidelOrtho award are to be submitted to the Chair of the Nominations Committee by February 15 of each year. Email: [email protected] 
Nomination Instructions 

Canadian Blood Services Dana Devine Award 

The Canadian Blood Services Dana Devine Award program recognizes promising scientists in a field related to transfusion science and medicine, blood banking and blood biotherapies. The program provides an opportunity for their research to be recognized by the transfusion community and is intended to support their career progression in academia in support of the blood system.

Candidate applications are evaluated on the basis of their scientific accomplishments, relevance to and impact on transfusion medicine, blood banking and blood biotherapies, and likelihood of pursuing a successful career in transfusion science.    
The award will be announced at the Annual Conference of the CSTM, where the recipient will deliver a lecture.  The recipient will receive an award in the value of $750.00.  The recipient will be assigned a conference mentor to facilitate their networking with the transfusion community. The conference registration and travel expenses of the recipient will be paid. Sponsorship of this award is provided by Canadian Blood Services.

Nominations for the Dana Devine award are to be submitted to the Chair of the Nominations Committee by February 15 of each year. Email: [email protected] 

Award Information and Nomination Process               
Applicaton Form


CSTM Blum Award

The CSTM Blum Award is awarded to a member who has given outstanding service to the Society over time and is named for Edna Blum, a founding member of the Canadian Association of Immunohematologists, the forerunner of CSTM. Edna was the treasurer of the Society from 1980 to 2002, as well as serving on the Board of Directors. 

The award winner is chosen by the CSTM Board of Directors. 

CSTM Buchanan Award 

The Donald Ian Buchanan Memorial Award is given at the annual CSTM Scientific Conference to a laboratory technologist, working in the field of transfusion medicine. Dr. Buchanan was a strong supporter of technologists and encouraged them to share their expertise at meetings such as the CSTM Annual Conference. The Buchanan Award recipient is chosen by the local conference organizing committee from their catchment area. This financial award and certificate are provided by the Alberta Vein to Vein Society. Read more about Dr Buchanan 
In addition to receiving a monetary award, both the QuidelOrtho and CSTM Buchanan award recipients are given the opportunity to present a lecture at the CSTM Annual Conference.