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President’s Message

May, 2020

Dear CSTM members,

Here is an update on CSTM activities and upcoming events.

We were so disappointed that the 2020 annual conference had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  An excellent scientific program with the theme “Science at the Forefront” was planned thanks to the local and standing committees and workgroups and we will be exploring ways to make some of the presentations available to our members. 

Having to cancel the conference is also of great concern because the CSTM relies heavily on revenue generated by the annual conference and on annual membership dues.  I wish to remind members that we are depending on our members to renew your CSTM memberships to help sustain the CSTM.  The CSTM has much to offer aside from the conference.  I invite you to Julie Hendry’s “CSTM – What’s In It for You

We will be announcing the recipients of the annual Ortho, Buchanan and Blum awards very soon.  Watch your inbox for the awards announcement that should arrive next week.

The board is actively working to have a virtual AGM on May 29 at 11:00 EST.  More details will follow but please mark your calendars.   

We are planning to change the name of the TSO mailing list to help dispel the idea that only TSOs can participate.  We want the transfusion community to know that all are welcome to join the mailing list to ask questions and/or share their knowledge and that CSTM membership is not required.  A survey will be sent to the CSTM mailing list asking for suggestions for a new name for the list.  I invite you to read Pat Letendre’s very interesting blog about the TSO Mailing list available at : TSO list blog.

I also invite you to read the many other interesting blogs recently posted on the website blog page.  To name a few that were recently added: The Science behind young blood by Catherine Lewis, Dr. Donald Branch honoured by AABB for his career achievements by Catherine Lewis, Transfusion Medicine: Interpretation Required by Crystal Brunk, Patients with non-ABO red cell antibodies by Tricia Abe, and From Whole blood to blood components and back again by Catherine Lewis.

The board was excited when Gwen Clarke and Eric Ching approached Joanna McCarthy, Western Director, regarding the development of an advanced program with the U of A for a master’s degree in Transfusion Science for those with a BSc and an alternate certificate for those without a bachelor’s degree.  We are actively pursuing this excellent opportunity with Joanna McCarthy as the board liaison.

Stay tuned for more information about virtual presentations that were planned for CSTM 2020.

On behalf of the CSTM board of directors I wish you all health and well-being during this terrible pandemic and a big shoutout to those of you working on the front lines.  We are very grateful for all you do.

Ann Wilson

CSTM President