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Transfusion Evidence Library

NHSBT's Systematic Review Initiative, an Oxford (UK)-based research group led by Professor Mike Murphy, is responsible for creating and maintaining a valuable evidence-based resource, the Transfusion Evidence Library. This is an up-to-date, freely available online library of transfusion-related systematic reviews and handsearched randomised controlled trials which is fully searchable by index terms  as well as by free text, title, author, date and study type. To date the Library contains over 2,200 references (and links) to systematic reviews and randomised controlled trials published between 1960 and the present, and is updated monthly.

The CSTM have an account that allows all CSTM members access to the Transfusion Evidence database.  Members must access the database from the Members SectionMembers can also subscribe to a monthly Transfusion Evidence alert, developed specifically for CSTM members.