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Transfusion Evidence Library

The Transfusion Evidence Library database consists of systematic reviews, randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and health economic evaluations. It is a unique resource for clinicians, scientists and policy makers from around the world who are interested in the science and practice of blood transfusion and blood alternatives. The high quality of the evidence is ensured by applying strict methodological criteria, and new records are added continuously. The database which is fully searchable by index terms as well as by free text, title, author, date and study type, currently holds over 700 systematic reviews, 3800 randomized control trials and 60 economic evaluations.The database was developed by the Systematic Review Initiative (SRI), a clinical team from NHS Blood and Transplant based in Oxford under the leadership of Professor Mike Murphy, whose objective is to increase the evidence base for the practice of transfusion medicine.  The Cochrane Collaboration has officially endorsed the Transfusion Evidence Library database, recognizing it as “a unique, evidence-based resource for the transfusion medicine community”.

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