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The CSTM Standards for Hospital Transfusion Services, Version 4 April 2017, reflects evidence based best practice in Canada. This bilingual document is compliant with the CAN/CSA-Z902-15, National Standard of Canada, Blood and blood components and the Health Canada Blood Regulations. This user friendly document is meant to support safe transfusion practice in hospitals and assist in meeting accreditation requirements in some jurisdictions.

In an effort to remove potential cost barriers of purchasing these standards at individual sites/institutions and to ensure it is available to support safe transfusion practice for all facilities across Canada, the following provinces/organizations have purchased a licensed copy to be made available to their individual sites/institutions:

British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland, Canadian Blood Services, Héma-Québec

Please contact your province/territory blood collaborative contact to obtain a copy of these standards.  

To purchase a copy of the CSTM standards click here.

CSTM Members – a .pdf copy is available in  Members Section 


Ask the Standards Committee

Questions relating to the Standards may be directed to the Standards Committee.

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