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Transfusion Safety Officers

The CSTM is pleased to host the informal group known as Canada's Transfusion Safety Officers (TSOs), which previously maintained a separate website.  Please note that CSTM membership is NOT required for current and new subscribers to the TSO mailing list 'transfusion', which continues as before.


Following the Krever Inquiry new positions were created to improve the safety and quality of transfusion in Canada.  These men and women are called Transfusion Safety Officers (TSOs)TSOs are responsible for the quality and safety of transfusion within their respective institutions,  particularly in the transfusion service and in the transfusing units, wards or clinics.

Members of the Canadian TSO mailing list have provided sample job descriptions (If using these descriptions, please credit the source.)

To improve transfusion practice and safety, many transfusion professionals contribute to the TSO webpages and mailing list. Besides TSOs, contributors include professionals from diverse scientific, technical, nursing, and medical backgrounds who work in all sectors of blood transfusion in Canada. 


The broad aims of the webpages and mailing list are to contribute to Canada's blood transfusion community by providing a mechanism to

  • Store and share information and materials
  • Discuss common concerns and issues
  • Solve problems 
  • Promote e-learning opportunities

Mailing List

Information on the TSO 'transfusion' mailing list is found here.

The TSO webpages and mailing list are made possible by an unrestricted educational grant from