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Mix and Match - High Incidence Antigens

A Blog from Eric Ching:

Hope you are enjoying this hot summer unless you live in the BC interiors☹.

Just to follow up my last entry on the “allo’s to hi’s”, my wish to you is that you won’t encounter any one of the following antibodies. When you encounter an alloantibody to a high incidence antigen, the ethnic origin of the patient may give you a clue to the possible identity of the antibody.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!


Mix and Match

Match the most likely ethnic origin of patient who developed the following antibody to high incidence blood group antigen
  1. Anti-Jk3                                                             a) Israeli
  2. Anti-Inb                                                              b) Finn
  3. Anti-Gya                                                            c) Japanese
  4. Anti-hrs                                                             d) India
  5. Anti-K22                                                           e) Melanesian
  6. Anti-Dib                                                             f) Black
  7. Anti-En                                                          g) Eastern European
  8. Anti-Ge2                                                          h) Polynesian/SE Asian
  9. Anti-Oka                                                            i) French Canadian
  10. Anti-PEL                                                            j) Native American/Mongolian/Northern Asian


  1. h
  2. d
  3. g
  4. f
  5. a
  6. j
  7. b
  8. e
  9. c
  10. i
Daniels G. Human Blood Group. 3rd ed. Oxford:Wiley-Blackwell.2013 
Reid ME, Lomas-Francis C. Blood Group  Antigens FactsBook. 2nd ed. San Diego: Academic Press. 2003


Malcolm Needs
I really liked this quiz Eric, however, having dealt with patients with antibodies directed against six of the ten antigens mentioned, I have to say that I really enjoyed meeting up with these specificities. This may have something to do with me being a blood group serology nerd!
8/30/2017 8:10:31 AM

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