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CSTM Meet the Board – Rebecca Barty

Welcome to the “Meet the CSTM Board” blog series! Each month a different position on the board will be spotlighted along with some insider information on the individual in the position. Each blog will follow a different path as each position and individual is unique. We hope you enjoy.

Author: Crystal Brunk, CSTM Director at Large (2022-2024).

Look! On the CSTM Board! It’s an MLT! It’s a researcher! It’s Rebecca Barty CSTM Central Director (2022-2024). Like Eleanor Roosevelt, Rebecca thinks that “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” and let me tell you now Rebecca’s clear idea of what she wants to achieve combined with her ability to make it happen has transformed many of her dreams into a reality.

The Central Director Position - an unidentified Dream come true
Nudged to run for Central Director by a colleague in the transfusion medicine community who only knew Rebecca in an online world (- where her accomplishments are only outshined by her positive attitude and sweaty selfies), Rebecca found the timing of the nudge to be perfect, having more recently been research focused, she was looking for an opportunity to be more connected and front facing in transfusion medicine again. But what does the Central Director do? According to the bylaws the responsibility of the Central Director is to be the liaison between the CSTM board and members in Ontario, Quebec, and Nunavut Territory. Rebecca said that as soon as her colleagues learned that she was on the board they started asking her all the questions they had about CSTM, and she was thrilled to be their link to information and resources. Taking this further Rebecca is currently thinking of how to extend this so that all CSTM members can easily “ask the board” even if they are not yet connected to one of the Directors.

Prior to being Central Director Rebecca had been involved in the management of several CSTM conferences where she learned not only how rejuvenating a conference could be, but also the knowledge and connections one gained from attending (she also learned a lot of the skills needed to make a conference happen). While on the board Rebecca wanted to use her influence to bring these opportunities to as many members of the transfusion medicine community as possible, as such she was eager to join the education committee where she has advocated for the new virtual CSTM education events. Rebecca hopes that these virtual events will continue to grow and be able to provide everyone with a taste of the conference and opportunity to virtually connect with others.

Transfusion Medicine - the Dream to be published
Rebecca started her post-secondary education studying kinesiology then due to an unforeseen turn of events she <luckily for the transfusion medicine community> ended up in a MLT program. Even though jobs were bleak and other students were opting to change programs Rebecca persevered and in her last clinical rotation she received the ultimate inspiration in the form of Professor Emeritus Nancy Heddle who sparked Rebecca’s dream to pursue transfusion not only in clinical practice but also in research. As mentioned, jobs were initially at a premium, so Rebecca started work as an MLA in a core and microbiology lab but eventually found MLT work that was part time in a transfusion medicine laboratory and part time research, and eventually she transitioned to full time research. While working in research Rebecca found a passion for retrospective studies and is proud of the work she did surrounding utilization, and her research dream definitely came true when the article titled “Effect of Short-Term vs. Long-Term Blood Storage on Mortality after Transfusion” got into the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine.

Rebeccas has transitioned once again and is now working as a Regional Manager with the Ontario Regional Blood Coordinating Network (ORBCoN) where she is excited to once again be front-facing and more connected with the clinical community.
Two Truths Dreams Come True and one Lie - Rebecca Edition
- Rebecca has been cited on over 45 publications
- Rebecca got her degree in Nursing while working in research
- Rebecca is a reality TV show junkie (and has even had a few ‘cameos’)
While you think over what the lie might be, consider your own dreams and like Rebecca and her blood type B+!


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