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Meet the CSTM Webmaster - Jenn Danielson (en anglais)

CSTM Meet the Webmaster – Jenn Danielson

Welcome to the “Meet the CSTM Board” blog series! Each month a different position on the board will be spotlighted along with some insider information on the individual in the position. Each blog will follow a different path as each position and individual is unique. We hope you enjoy.

Author: Crystal Brunk, CSTM Director at Large (2022-2024).

The CSTM Webmaster position may not be an official part of the Board, but the role is pivotal to the work of CSTM. The current Webmaster, Jenn Danielson, has a knack for noticing every detail and connecting the dots to the bigger picture making her vital to CSTM and our transfusion medicine community.

The Webmaster Position - making BIG connections!
Starting with the obvious responsibilities: the Webmaster updates the CSTM website with new information, events, and content as directed by the Board while also ensuring that members have access to the member-only materials and content. Keeping us socially connected the Webmaster engages the transfusion community with posts to the CSTM Facebook, X, Instagram, and LinkedIn channels on social media. On the backside the Webmaster is always watching and tracking who is “clicking” - this is where Jenn shines bringing insights into what people are interested in and how they are interacting with CSTM to make the most of our presence and reach.

As an early adopter of technology, the Webmaster position was the perfect fit for Jenn who had always enjoyed “poking around” on the internet and trying out new things as they came about (think way back to LiveJournal Blogging and Myspace, Jenn has played around with it all). Under the mentorship of Pat Letendre, Jenn was shown early on how technology can be integrated into transfusion medicine to keep folks connected, which has become her goal as Webmaster - creating stronger connections across the country and highlighting the work everyone is doing. Often acting as a “fly on the wall” at board meetings, Jenn takes what is going on “behind the scenes” at CSTM and translates it to something meaningful to the whole community. Now that CSTM’s social media connection is more established, Jenn has her eyes set on the further development of the CSTM webpage platform so that it can continue to meet the needs of the transfusion medicine community.

Transfusion Medicine - BIG opportunities!
Thanks again to Pat Letendre, transfusion medicine was easily Jenn’s preferred subject while doing her training and after a few years of work she found herself at Canadian Blood Services where she first dipped her toe into quality work. Taking an opportunity to work at the BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office, Jenn further developed her skills working with both provincial data and on provincial projects, further sparking her pursuit of quality focused roles. Jenn has since moved through various roles and is now the quality manager for accreditation programs with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of  BC. Respectful that she is no longer in a purely transfusion medicine focused role, Jenn took the critical thinking and other skills she developed while working in the transfusion field to build her career and maintain her passion for work.

Ending with BIG Advice…
  • Quoting Jenn directly: “notice every detail and make those connections to the bigger picture. Whether that’s the detail under the microscope that connect to the bigger clinical picture of an individual, or the details in reaction reporting that connects to an education opportunity, or the details in blood ordering patterns that connects to a larger policy. It’s all connected.”
  • Buy wine solely based on the label - it should be a little whimsical and the quirkier the better.
  • Always be open to feedback - if you have feedback about the Webmaster role or visions for what you WANT to see from CSTM reach out to Jenn via [email protected]


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